TECHNOKATASKEVI S.A. is a construction company, founded in 1989, offering a broad range of constructional services. In 2009 the company’s headquarters moved to a privately owned building at 110 Marathon Ave & Kazantzaki str. in Gerakas, Athens.

TECHNOKATASKEVI S.A. aims to create innovative ideas for the projects undertaken, combining originality and elegance with quality and functionality. Therefore our goals are constantly updated which results in improvement and development together with consistency in construction and timing, values that define our new and promising solutions. Taking into consideration the crucial state of our environment and economy, we constantly investigate new methods of construction. One of these methods is the modular panel system with which will be constructed the IBC of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio2016. This modular concept is a sustainable construction solution that gives the opportunity to reuse the material in the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

At the core of its activities lies the construction of works which stand out both in terms of the high quality of the final product as well as in terms of the efficiency of the production process. It’s responsible for implementing projects across Greece and abroad from the earliest stage of conception to final construction. Our members' know-how enables us to review the work produced as a whole and thus take the necessary decisions as soon as any design, managerial or technical issue appears.
In each project the hygiene and safety conditions are ensured by OSHA 1801, as provided by the regulations. The company has a department dealing with the Quality Management System.

The company’s activities in all aspects of construction projects, architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, building, energy, helped it to achieve international recognition and to become a serious and accountable partner in co-operations with international institutions and large construction companies internationally. TECHNOKATASKEVI S.A. consists of highly specialized professionals is adhesion to its basic principles, which revolve around human needs, and serve aesthetics and efficiency.

The share capital amounts to 3.500.000€ and the projects are self-funded without borrowing. The last year’s company’s turn-over is exceeding 100.000.000€. The present value of the company’s properties is estimated over 15.000.000€.